Company Information:
Legacy Entertainment has been in the product placement industry for over ten years. Located in the center of Hollywood, Legacy participates in more than 300 feature films and most of the major primetime television shows each year. We are the Hollywood agent for 35 major companies, including Eliminator Boats, LG Mobile, and Alize. We have offices located worldwide: Hollywood, CA ; Paipei, Taiwan ; Paris, France; Milan, Italy; Weisbeden, Germany; and Miami, FL.

Legacy Entertainment's Hollywood office consists of:
- Approx. 8,000 Sq. ft. of warehouse space
- Located in the hub of most major Hollywood studios
- 5 shipping docks
- High/low fork lift up to 15 feet
- Pallet jacks, carts, hand trucks
- Gated parking
- Secure facilities: Insured, security monitored with backup system, video monitored, gated

Editing Room:
- 6 satellite receivers
- Digital recording equipment
- More than two terabytes (Two thousand Gigabytes) of data storage
- DVD burners
- Audio / Video recording equipment
- Avid editing equipment (Industry state of the art)
- Video broadcasting & receiving
- Photo / Digital publishing

Conference Screening room :
- 120" retractable screen
- Projector
- Conference table and chairs
- Surround sound audio
- Video conferencing equipment
- Wet bar / refreshment center
- DVD / Video playback